Mobility Minute: NCR, Samsung Offer Commerce Station For Retailers Seeking To Streamline Operations

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The retail industry is going through a rapid transformation. And the point of sale process is one of the most critical areas where companies in this space can streamline operations.

There are a lot of new payment solutions on the market, but your retail customers need smart POS terminals that do more than just process payments.

"I was put in charge of this enormous task of identifying the POS system that we were going to use for this store," said Reiko Clark, co-owner of Ponko Chicken. "We knew almost immediately after we sat with the sales team at the NCR offices, that this was the right fit for us."

The NCR Corporation and Samsung have partnered to bring the new NCR Silver Quantum Commerce Station to marketing. The new system is built around a Knox-configured Samsung tablet.

"When people walk in, when they see it, they're going to see something clean and sleek and professional," said Noah Clark, general manager of Ponko Chicken. "And it fit into our aesthetic, but more importantly it was about its functionality."

The 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab serves as an employee interface that includes multiple payment options, including chip, swipe and mobile.

"Other than payments, we use NCR silver for our loyalty program, the reporting side. We get all our data through it. Employee management, so we can deal with our payroll," said Clark. "The tip functionality has been really good for us, because it's giving the staff incentives to improve their customer service."

As retailers struggle to respond to the rise of e-commerce, smart solutions like this are what is needed for you to help customers streamline their operations and get sales moving.

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