CES 2018 Preview: What Tech Will Be Buzz-worthy?

The largest tech show is heading to Las Vegas, and CRN is ready to give you all the updates.

CES 2018 will attract upwards of 184,000 people. The show will feature tons of new gadgets and lots of new products from major companies.

This year, Google will have a large presence as the tech giant pushes to take on Amazon's Echo connected speaker. Apple will also be on the trade show floor, showing off its Apple HomeKit. The HomeKit uses the Siri personal assistant to operate smart homes. But, efforts like HomeKit can only succeed if lots of major companies support the technology. The more useful it becomes the more consumers will buy in. Apple's move shows it's aiming to be part of a larger ecosystem.

The computer manufacturing company Lenovo is also expected to make news. Already, Lenovo has announced major revamps to major lines of its ThinkPad portfolio.

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Also, watch out for the Chinese vendor Huawei. The vendor is one of the largest telecommunications equipment makers in the world and sits just behind Samsung and Apple in global smartphone market share.