HP: We're Bringing A Lot Of Innovation To Help Partners

Diana Blass

HP Inc. unveiled a series of new products at CES 2018, all of which HP expects to bring new opportunities for channel partners in 2018.

CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world, wrapped on Friday. HP showcased new developments in always-connected PCs, immersive gaming, 3-D imaging and voice technology.

"We're bringing innovation. We have the spirit of reinvention across everything we're doing," said Ron Coughlin, the president of Personal Systems Business at HP. "We're making a foray into new spaces like devices of service, like retail points of sale that gives partners a lot of different growth factors within HP."

In 2017, HP ranked as the largest PC maker in the world; but, more importantly, Coughlin says the company is building a strong brand.

"Our brand is getting stronger and stronger and not just behind our phenomenal products like the X360 but as well through our Omen Gaming line. It's bringing a lot of millennials into the franchise and bringing relevance into brand that's very, very powerful," he said.

Meanwhile, computer manufactures continue to be haunted by concerns over the Spectre and Meltdown processor vulnerabilities. Coughlin said HP is actively working with Intel in distributing firmware patches for its processors.

"We need to redouble our efforts as an industry to make sure there are no vulnerabilities. That said, they are always going to come up and something is going to happen. And so, how you respond is important," said Coughlin, ’We are generally the fastest to market in these type of situations."

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