Toshiba's Smart Glasses Could Bring New Opportunities To The Channel

Another pair of smart glasses has hit the market.

The Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses are powered with Windows 10 and bring a whole new meaning to work-on-the-go. It’s the latest development in the world of wearables, joining the ranks of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Toshiba’s Vice President of Product Marketing Carl Pinto says the Windows 10 platform is a game-changer.

"We took a different approach by building it on a Windows10 platform first, which allows users to use their current infrastructure and IT image that is approved by security and not having to build new infrastructure around Android," he said.

The dynaEdge computer runs on Intel processors and has Intel Enterprise AC Wi-Fi built-in. It connects to the headset, which has a camera, an internal display, a couple of mics and a speaker. Also, the device has two software options: The Toshiba Vision DE Suite and the Atheer Air Enterprise. The platforms make it easy to take photos, stream live videos and communicate through live video calls. Users can also scan barcodes and watch step-by-step instructions.

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The device starts at $1,899. Future Tech Enterprise CEO Bob Venero, who is a Toshiba partners, says the product is a good move.

"Wearables are something that has taken off. I think it’s a very smart play to offer a Windows10 environment that can be viewed from a face perspective," Venero said.

The device comes after two years in the making. Currently, it’s only available to companies that are already Toshiba customers.