Review: HP's 34-Inch EliteOne AIO Is A Futuristic Productivity Machine

HP Inc. has produced one of the most futuristic PCs we've gotten the chance to try in the CRN Test Center.

EliteOne 1000 34-inch curved all-in-one

It's a huge boost to productivity to have this much space, and the slight curve in the display is great for the overall aesthetics. Many of our co-workers have stopped by to marvel at this PC.

To be totally honest, there was a little bit of a learning curve around figuring out how to use the space optimally. Even though we do use external monitors with our laptops, we've never had this much space to work with.

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But after getting used to it, we found the screen space to help with working faster and getting more organized in our work processes. Having a ton of browser tabs open at a time is no longer as big of a problem.

The display itself is terrific, with nearly 4K resolution and very high brightness. Videos look good even when they're blown up to the full screen.

The EliteOne 1000 is also a powerhouse with a seven-gen Intel chip and up to 32 GB of memory available. Ours performed well even with a Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM.

Cool features added by HP include a pop-up webcam for added security and the ability to take calls and send texts on the PC, using the HP Phonewise feature.

HP has also included a number of collaboration features with the PC, such as dedicated keys for launching video conferences and for muting the microphone. The mic also comes with improved noise cancellation capabilities.

The IT department will like the fact that the EliteOne 1000 is easy to service, with the ability to access internal components without needing special tools.

Ultimately, the 34-inch EliteOne 1000 is for anyone focused on going above and beyond in terms of their workday productivity, or even just anyone who's tired of dealing with multiple external monitors. We're big fans.