Microsoft 365 Is One Big Partner Opportunity, Exec Says

Microsoft 365 represents a big partner opportunity. That’s according to Microsoft’s Giovanni Mezgec, general manager of Microsoft 365 Partner Marketing, who says the opportunity is even bigger than what Office 365 was for the last five years.

’There’s been a shift away from email migrations to new areas of opportunities that include entire teamwork per activity offering that we offer to customers,’ said Mezgec.

Launched one year ago, the Microsoft 365 suite brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and device management into a single comprehensive offering for businesses. One example is that Microsoft 365 enhances cybersecurity by providing security capabilities that are integrated across the products.

"Admittedly, the idea when we announced it last year was that it was more of a bundle," he said. "But now that we've integrated the product team, I think that the future is bringing all of these things in a more synergistic approach--so that customers can realize a modern workplace more effectively, and so that partners can build on top of it."

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And Mezgec says the partner opportunity is only expected to grow.

’As customers adopt the cloud, as cloud becomes more mainstream or even more mainstream than it is today, we will see an even bigger shift away from deployment as a major partner opportunity and more on services like, how can I help people adopt and change the culture in the way they use technology, how do they build applications that really adds value on Microsoft 365 and how do I help my customers manage the system on their behalf?’ said Mezgec.

Watch CRNtv’s video for more of Mezgec’s interview.