Extreme Networks Unveils Combo Gigabit Switch For Wireless, VoIP

The Summit 400-24 family of switches feature a wide range of features specific for converged applications. They deliver native wireless local area network (LAN) and VoIP support through Extreme's AccessAdapt technology. Link layer discovery protocol (LLDP) support automates wireless and VoIP device discovery and management. The Summit 400-24p model features Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality and delivers 15.4 watts to every port and optional redundant power supplies.

All of the Summit 400-24 chassis support Extreme's UniStack stacking technology, allowing for up to eight switches to be consolidated and managed as a single unit. The Summit 400-24p and Summit 400-24t switches can be stacked with the Summit 400-48 to provide 10 Gigabit uplinks.

"The new Summit 400-24 switches are a key addition to Extreme's award-winning lineup of versatile edge solutions," Extreme Networks vice president of product management Varun Nagaraj said in a statement. "Our unified approach to network management, integrated IP telephony support and wireless LAN connectivity offers flexibility that is unmatched by any other vendor solution. Extreme Networks continues drive simplicity with a two-tier network design while adding improved availability and resiliency options at the network edge."

The Summit 400-24 switches will be available next month at prices starting at $4,495.00.

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