Microsoft Launches Telecom Partnership Plan

Offered through the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (MPSC), the Communications Sector Alliance Program (CSAP) provides participants with the opportunity to work closely with Microsoft teams and use the company's development and testing facilities. Microsoft hopes that the program will create synergy between itself and network equipment providers, independent software providers, carriers and systems integrators.

Bell Canada and Swisscom Mobile have already signed onto the CSAP. The former is working with Microsoft to develop a suite of services for small and mid-sized businesses that includes digital subscriber line (DSL) connectivity, data back-up and security with subscription-based Microsoft Office 2003 software and Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 services. Swisscom Mobile is developing enhanced services for mobile users of Microsoft-based products

"The goal of Microsoft Communications Sector Alliance Program and the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center is to help providers maintain a competitive edge and take full advantage of today's business opportunities," MPSC director Jarmo Paukkunen said in a statement. "Having leading service providers such as Swisscom Mobile join the program is major validation for the value we bring to the industry."

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