WiMAX Equipment Sales Start Out Strong

So far, about 16.4 million in WiMAX equipment has been sold. The equipment isn't widely available yet because interoperability testing just began earlier in July. However, Infonetics predicted that about $124.5 worth of equipment will be sold by the end of 2005.

WiMAX has strong potential down the road, according to Richard Web, author of the report.

“WiMAX promises many strategic opportunities, not just as a backhaul solution for Wi-Fi, but potentially for 3G networks too,” Webb said in a statement. “WiMAX may become a viable DSL/cable broadband replacement technology for consumers, and may even offer nomadic or portable wireless Internet access for consumers and enterprise users. Operators could also use it to carry VoIP services.”

Wireless mesh equipment, which is being used by municipalities for so-called Wi-Fi hotzones, also is ramping up quickly, the report noted. Mesh equipment sales totaled only about $8.8 million in 2004 but will total more than $110 million in 2005, according to the study.

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