D-Link Powers Up New IP Switches

The Fountain Valley, Calif., maker of IP networking gear for SMBs expanded its xStack 3800 series with the DES-3828 and DES-3828P—stackable, 24-port 100-Mbps layer 3 switches with two Gigabit copper ports.

The DES-3828P delivers the added bonus of a 395-watt power supply that enables the switch to support a continuous 15.4 watts of PoE juice to all 24 ports, giving it the ability to light up every PoE device connected to it, said Rocky Rosas, technical marketing engineer at D-Link. A 15.4-watt feed is considered the industry watermark for most PoE requirements, he said.

>> Providing PoE to more devices from a single switch means VARs can increase margins, one partner said.

“What we are seeing with some of the competition is that they can provide 15.4 watts on a single port, but they haven&'t got the capacity in the switch to provide that full 15.4 watts across all of their ports at the same time,” Rosas said.

“We wanted to make sure we had a big enough power supply in the device that could provide that simultaneous power to all the devices on the box.”

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Being able to provide PoE to more devices with fewer switches means VARs can increase their margins for solution-oriented network deployments, while at the same time positioning themselves to bid more competitively, said Neil Medwed, president of Preferred Technology, a networking gear VAR in Richardson, Texas, that resells D-Link alongside competing products from Cisco Systems, Intel and Hewlett-Packard. “I believe [these new switches] will make us more money in the long run,” he said.

“Many of the competition don&'t have enough power to spread through all 24 ports concurrently, and that does lead to certain difficulties. But these new switches make [IP network deployments] more affordable in larger installations because you need fewer switches,” Medwed said.

The D-Link xStack 3800 series switches support 802.3ad aggregation for as many as 32 groups, and also support 4000 static VLANs, according to D-Link.

The combination of all these features and D-Link's aggressive pricing marks a significant advance for the vendor, Medwed said.

Available Sept. 1, the DES-3828 is priced from $1,299, and the DES-3828P starts at $2,199.