Infoblox Brings IPAM Within Reach

IPAM capabilities are available now to solution providers via Infoblox&s DNSone v3.2 and enhanced Keystone modules for its lineup of Infoblox-1000 and Infoblox-1200 appliances.

“[Customers] know what IPAM is, and most of them have known that they can&t afford it,” said Rick Kagan, vice president of marketing at Infoblox, Sunnyvale, Calif. “There&s a ready and ripe, hungry market out there for this type of solution,” he said.

Until now, IPAM technology has primarily been available as expensive software running on high-end servers with dedicated databases, a proposition too costly for all but the largest of customers, Kagan said. As an alternative, many customers have resorted to time-consuming, manual management of IP addresses, storing and tracking their data in spreadsheets, Kagan said. “The majority of customers are using [Microsoft] Excel. It&s a process that&s rudimentary, ad hoc and error-prone, but the alternative is out of reach.”

Pat Grillo, president of Atrion Communications Resources, Branchburg, N.J., said, his clients have been using multiple point solutions to manage IP addresses. “Everyone wants to get to a point where they have one management system to look everywhere.”

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Now with the new modules, Infoblox is adding the ability to classify network devices and see all printers, for example, and their IP addresses as well as other data such as device serial numbers, physical location and contact information for the manager responsible for the device. In addition, dynamic address control features can notify network managers when they are about to run out of IP addresses or when they need to reallocate them.

DNSone v3.2 and the enhanced Keystone modules are available at no cost to existing customers. Infoblox appliances enabled with IPAM start at $13,495.