Verizon Launches E-mail Encryption For Small Businesses

Verizon Online

The new subscription service, called Verizon Secure Mail, uses Echoworx's encrypted e-mail software. After registering for the service, users can click on the Secure button on their toolbar and their message, along with any attachments, will be immediately encrypted, digitally signed and sent to the recipient.

If the recipient is another registered Verizon Secure Mail user, the user can open the message after entering his or her password. Non-subscribers can also receive encrypted e-mail by going to the Verizon Message pick-up center where they can read the e-mail after answering a secret question known only to the sender and recipient.

Verizon Secure Mail meets the PKI, X.509, and S/MIME encryption standards. All deleted e-mails from Verizon Secure Mail will remain encrypted.

The service is now available nationwide, initially to users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, for $6.95 per month per mailbox.

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