New Colubris CEO Sees Enterprise WLAN Growth


Prior to joining Colubris, Waltham, Mass., Eisenberg was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Alta Communications, a Boston-based private equity firm. He also founded and spent four years as CEO of Navisite, an infrastructure management service provider in Andover, Mass.

"It's nice to see a guy at the helm that has real and relevant experience, and we've been waiting patiently for the execution team to move in and the building team to move out," said Phil O'Reilly, president of Solunet, a West Melbourne, Fla.-based Colubris partner.

"The technology that Colubris offers is cutting edge and well thought-of in the industry, but without execution, what good is it?" O'Reilly said.

Eisenberg said he expects the Enterprise WLAN market to grow 80 percent to 90 percent this year. "For us that means opportunities to close deals within the Global 2000 and Fortune 1000," he said.

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He said Colubris has good traction with its products and lead generation program and is well-equipped to pursue a larger share of the enterprise market. "We're going to re-deploy staff into areas we've identified as more lucrative, including markets in Canada, Europe and Asia," he said. "We're looking at every corner of the company to make adjustment to improve our ability to close deals."

Colubris will be evaluating its existing partners on the basis of productivity and performance, he also said. "We plan to add partners as we need to and revisit our existing ones. If we have to make adjustments, we will."

Eisenberg said his venture capital experience has spurred him to look for compelling business models and this was a major factor in his decision to join Colubris. "In addition to having very strong backing from investors, Colubris' employees are extremely well-suited for our goal of building more differentiation into our product line," he said.

Since joining Colubris, Eisenberg has hired Chris Koeneman as vice president of worldwide sales and service and promoted Roger Sands to vice president of engineering.