Redline Puts Web In High Gear

Redline's TX 2600 and TX 2650 Web I/O Accelerator appliances more than double the system capacity of Redline's TX 2200 series. The new 2600 series accelerators also offer a Gigabit Ethernet interface and feature redundant power supplies for increased resiliency.

Designed to accelerate static, dynamic, SSL and clear Web content, the TX 2600 and TX 2650 offload I/O and SSL processing tasks from Web servers to increase Web server capacity and site speed, said Craig Stouffer, vice president of marketing at the Campbell-based company.

Redline's acceleration technology complements, rather than competes with, other technologies designed to speed traffic, Stouffer said.

Redline's data-filtering and data-compression technologies reduce the size of Web payloads to cut bandwidth costs up to 50 percent, he said, adding that a Web I/O Accelerator investment typically pays for itself within weeks.

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Wayne Baker, vice president of sales at Gold Coast Networks, a Redline partner in Camarillo, Calif., said the new TX 2600 and 2650 models should prove popular with his company's entertainment and gaming industry clients, which have large public Web presences.

The appliances reduce download times for browser-based applications, cut bandwidth requirements and reduce server overhead, Baker said. "It's an easy story to sell to customers," he said. "Customers are especially responding to technologies that can help them reduce costs and still improve performance."

Available now, both appliances support 500,000 simultaneous user connections, 128 virtual IP addresses and up to 64 servers per cluster. The TX 2600 supports 400 SSL transactions per second and is priced at $39,995. The TX 2650, which includes hardware-assisted SSL acceleration, supports up to 1,600 SSL transactions per second and is priced at $49,995.

Redline, which launched its first product 18 months ago, is now transitioning to a channel model, Stouffer said.

The company spent its first year landing "marquee customers," said Roy Johnson, Redline president and CEO. "This year we are focusing on bringing on more partners," he said.