Tandberg Eyes Field Personnel

Part of Tandberg's First Responder Solution series, the Tandberg Tactical product line includes integrated systems comprised of a codec for encoding and decoding video and audio signals, a 15-inch display, camera, headset, microphone and speakers,all housed in a heavy-duty aluminum briefcase.


Tandberg's Tactical line supports myriad communications networks.

The systems can connect to other videoconferencing units via satellite, wireless, or wired networks and support both IP and ISDN protocols. The Tactical line provides encryption and is compatible with Department of Defense secure networks, said Bob Widlansky, director of product marketing at New York-based Tandberg.

The products also support open standards and can interoperate with videoconferencing systems from other vendors, he said. "The Tactical line is intended for the type of customer who needs video for response-to-crisis scenarios," Widlansky said.

Using Tactical systems, field personnel can collaborate and share images with off-site experts.

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Examples might include police or fire departments transmitting images of buildings damaged in earthquakes to determine if they are safe to enter or military personnel training in the field, he said.

In another example, workers responding to sites contaminated by hazardous materials could don protective suits and transmit images of victims back to medical personnel, said Todd Jones, director of video sales at AAA Networks, a solution provider in Falls Church, Va.

The new Tandberg line includes two models: Tactical 6000, which supports bandwidth up to 2 Mbps over ISDN networks or 3 Mbps over IP; and Tactical 2500, which supports bandwidth up to 384 Kbps over ISDN or 768 Kbps over IP. Tandberg offers optional multisite capabilities, which enable up to four sites to communicate on-screen simultaneously.

Available now, Tactical 2500 starts at $21,490, and Tactical 6000 starts at $28,490.