NA Sniffer Launches Two New Products

The first product, dubbed InfiniStream Network Management, combines continuous data capture and 3 Tbytes of storage capacity to allow users to capture large amounts of data, then isolate, pinpoint and analyze network issues before they become problematic.

The device should be able to retain all packets at high utilization rates on Gigabit networks and store the data on their 3.2-Tbyte hard drives, according to Catherine Nadeau, a product manager at Network Associates, Santa Clara, Calif.

"If [network managers] are able to pinpoint the problem faster by seeing all streams of traffic and having the historical packet data stores, that is ideal," Nadeau said.

The InfiniStream product comes in two flavors, the i1610 and the i410. The i1610 is a 4U, two-port Gigabit appliance that boasts up to 3.2 Tbytes of storage and costs $75,000. The smaller appliance is a 2U, four-port 10/100-Mbps Ethernet box that includes 800 Gbytes of storage and costs $35,000.

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The second product, titled the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer, is an extension of the Sniffer portable product line and represents a high-performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool designed specifically for 10-Gbit installations.

The tool performs full-line-rate and full-duplex capture, guaranteeing no frame loss for all valid frames. It also includes advanced triggering and filtering technology, among other features, and retails for $150,000.

Gary Brand, director of the Network Associates Channel Group, said both products were scheduled to be available for channel partners immediately. Brand also noted that the company is working to provide its network troubleshooting and analysis capabilities at the core of the network for large enterprise customers, and expects to make these solutions available sometime later this spring.