Voyence Launches New Network Management Tool

The software, VoyenceControl Version 2.3, ensures that network managers can validate configuration changes before deploying them and verify that network devices are operating properly once they go live.

The program incorporates audit trails to help track changes and institutionalize accountability across the board, said Michael Bunyard, vice president of the Richardson, Texas-based firm. "Not only can you make changes with our product, but you can quickly and inexpensively provide documentation to auditors," he said. "To have a single console that performs both functions is a great plus."

The VoyenceControl product, which was available immediately, also lets network managers view devices by physical locations or logical groupings. In either view, the software allows managers to authorize updates with a single click, and gives them the ability to hide certain devices or network information from specific users based on certain access privileges.

Many of the solution providers in Voyence's nascent channel program were excited about the new product.

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Al Hedges, IT group manager at Dallas-based Paymentech, said the program delivers by "allowing us to work out any issues in the planning stage" instead of implementing changes and rolling back to a previous configuration when confronted with a problem.

Don Pitalo, senior pre-sales engineer at Reach Technologies, added that VoyenceControl should help the Atlanta-based solution provider meet customer demands for configuration management applications that comply with national regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPAA.

"This fills a void that has existed in the network management space for a while," he said. "Change management and configuration are important, but the ability to track everything is critical, too."