Chantry Chimes In With SMB-Focused WLAN Controllers

The company said it is unveiling a series of Chantry BeaconMaster 1000 and 100 centralized WLAN controller models that accommodate the needs of the SMB market. The products work with Chantry's access points, dubbed BeaconPoints, and are part of the company's BeaconWorks platform, which provides wireless connectivity over IP.

Chantry's routed approach to wireless networking,using Layer 3 or IP technology rather than Layer 2,is intended to enable better compatibility with existing wired network infrastructure and to provide a foundation for applications such as VoIP, according to the Waltham, Mass., company.


Six BeaconMaster models are now available. starting at less than $8,000.

Dennis Dinsmore, president of Integrisys Systems, a Portsmouth, N.H.-based solution provider, said Chantry's Layer 3 approach to the wireless network is getting the attention of his customers. The approach also works well with existing infrastructure. Plus, he said, the new SMB series represents a solid opportunity for Integrisys.

"What excites me about this is the scalability of it," Dinsmore said. "Now we can go into the medium- and small-size organizations and get them started for less than $10,000, as opposed to $40,000 or $50,000. That's huge."

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Six new BeaconMaster models are available starting at less than $8,000, with accompanying BeaconPoints starting at $395 each, according to Chantry.

Luc Roy, senior director of product marketing at Chantry, said the new release stems from interest from Chantry's partners.

"Before, we just offered something that was basically one-size-fits-all, except for the interface," Roy said. "What we've created here are very scalable products that allow resellers to still reap the benefits of the BeaconWorks platform, but allow them to buy the product size they need."