ClearPath Launches Managed Network Service Offering Upgrade

New features include jitter reporting and adjustment capabilities, queue monitoring and queue adjustment capabilities for bandwidth utilization, and customer device monitoring, which monitors performance down to the components on the device.

"The device monitoring is a great tool for VARs because they can go behind the router into their clients network to monitor PCs, printers and other devices, and the elements on those devices," said Cliff Young, president and CEO of ClearPath, based here. " As a result, they can make sure all the memory isn't being used up or that the CPU on a certain server is not being overtaxed. It also allows them to troubleshoot issues when they have applications timing out."

Another feature ideal for VARs managing WANs is a firewall validation tool, Young said. The tool allows a VAR to remotely manage a customer's network and determine if there are any security holes.

"It's literally a click of a mouse to see and correct the problem," he said.

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ClearPath offers iNOC features as stand-alone offerings or as bundles in addition to its VPN and managed network services.