Enterasys To Expand Security Router Line

The XSR 3000 routers complement the networking hardware vendor's XSR 1800 series branch office routers, introduced in March 2002. While the 1800 series routers serve enterprise branch offices with up to 40 users, the 3000 series routers are designed to accommodate larger regional offices with 40 to 200 users, said Ben McLeod, director of product marketing for Enterasys, based here.

Enterasys' routers deliver wire-speed performance when VPN, firewalling and other security applications are enabled, McLeod said. The company also is developing an intrusion detection feature set for the routers based on its Dragon IDS solution. That feature is slated to be available by the end of the year, McLeod said.

Andy Little, services delivery director for Logical, a Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based solution provider, said the new routers offer enhanced manageability for enterprise clients by consolidating routing and security features into a single box. The new offering also fits customers' "pay as you go mentality" by offering the capability to add security features as a customer needs them, he said.

Specifically, Enterasys next week will introduce the XSR-3020, which promises 200,000 packets per second and 1,000 VPN tunnels. The XSR-3150 and XSR-3250 deliver speeds of 400,000 pps and 3,000 VPN tunnels. Both the 3020 and the 3150 are equipped with three 10/100/1000 LAN interfaces and support up to eight WAN ports. The XSR-3250 has three 10/100/1000 LAN interfaces and supports up to 24 WAN ports. Scheduled for availability in July, the XSR-3150 is priced at $7,195, the XSR-3250 at $9,995. Slated for September availability, the 3020 is priced at $5,995.

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The company also plans to launch the XSR-4100, a central site aggregation router that delivers speeds of 500,000 pps and supports 5,000 VPN tunnels. Slated for September availability, the 4100 comes with three 10/100/1000 LAN interfaces and supports up to 56 WAN ports.

The firewall feature set is an additional $1,195 for the 3020 and $1,495 for the 3150 and 3250. The VPN feature set is $2,495 for the 3020 and $5,495 for the 3150 and 3250.