Intel To Sell AT&T Wireless Services Via Channel

Intel Product Dealers, made up of a variety of VARs selling PCs, consulting and networking services to the SMB market, will sell AT&T's wireless WAN and LAN solutions.

More than 200 Intel partners are now selling AT&T Wireless' General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Wi-Fi data solutions.

"Adding the rest of the mobile solution for our dealers via AT&T Wireless is a critical element in allowing end users to receive a full suite of products and services around mobility and wireless," said Tom Lacey, vice president of the Intel Sales and Marketing Group, in a statement. "The addition of AT&T Wireless services helps these dealers stay competitive and sell full solutions that complement the sale of notebook PCs based on Intel Centrino mobile technology and drive adoption of handheld devices based on Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture."

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