Palm Introduces New Tungsten Handheld

The Palm Tungsten T2 has twice the storage capacity of the previous version, with 32 Mbytes of memory, and a sharper color screen with a transflective TFT display with 320 x 320 resolution.

Multimiedia features include an MP3 and video-playback and photo software, offering users the ability to play movie trailers and create photo albums.

Also built in to the handheld is a wireless suite based on Bluetooth open standards and Palm OS v5 2.1, which includes such features as Graffiti 2 handwriting-recognition software that offers a more intuitive way to enter text on the handheld, according to Milpitas, Calif.-based Palm.

The Tungsten T2 is now available for $399. Palm Wednesday also reduced the price of the Palm m130 to $179 from $199, and lowered the price of the Palm m515 to $249 from $299.

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