New Firewall Secures SMB Internet

SonicWall aims to bring security to wired, wireless and remote clients with the SOHO TZW. Rich in features and low in cost, the unit offers even the smallest of businesses content filtering, logging, site-to-site VPN tunnels, secure Wi-Fi network access and a rules-based firewall.

What makes the SOHO TZW unique among SMB firewalls is the integration of an 802.11b access point. Solution providers can choose to integrate VPN access for wireless users, which only requires the installation of SonicWall's VPN client on systems connecting via Wi-Fi.

The inclusion of VPN services over Wi-Fi creates a secure environment for wireless users, impervious to most wireless cracking tools. For sites that offer Wi-Fi access to visitors, the unit can be set up to route non-VPN-encrypted wireless traffic to the broadband connection only, thus shielding the internal network, while providing Internet access to visitors.

For branch offices, the unit offers site-to-site encryption, which allows VPN traffic to be routed securely to and from other offices over a broadband connection, while allowing client PCs to appear all on the same local network.

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The unit only lacks an integrated Ethernet switch and support for Dynamic DNS.