EDS, Opsware, 20 Other Companies Back New Open Standard For Utility Computing

DCML, an XML-based standard, describes what is contained within a data center and how that environment is constructed to enable systematic reproduction, rebuilding or reprovisioning of any portion of the data center environment.

DCML eventually will include a wide variety of data center elements, such as network components, storage components, Unix, Linux, Windows and other servers, software infrastructure and applications.

Calling it HTML for the data center, the standard promises better operational efficiencies and views into data center operations and environments, as well as reduced time and cost when delivering such services as disaster recovery, data center planning and application capacity, and software policy management, said Opsware executives.

Participating companies backing the standard include EDS, Opsware, Computer Associates International, BEA Systems, Mercury Interactive, Micromuse and Akamai Technologies.

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