Voyence Launches Program for Configuration Management

The initiative, titled Voyence Guaranteed Success, is targeted at small MSPs and ISPs and is expected to be available to channel partners immediately.

According to Michael Bunyard, vice president of worldwide marketing at Richardson, Texas-based Voyence, the effort incorporates the vendor's flagship VoyenceControl product and applies corporate governance and security-oriented capabilities that improve and increase functionality tenfold. These, coupled with a new training option, free up channel partners to quickly deploy new capabilities and add value for customers in other areas, he said.

"Rather than channel partners having to go in and do a two- or three-day class with the customer who is implementing the solution, customers can take a step-by-step tutorial at their leisure and get moving immediately," Bunyard said. "It's a great way to accelerate initial service."

Bunyard added that as part of the Guaranteed Success program, Voyence customers also gain access to Voyence University, a training and certification program designed to certify key network users. The initiative also includes an online tutorial and certification testing board for configuration management scenarios such as running discovery, setting up a user and building a template.

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Given this multifaceted program, resellers seemed excited about the Guaranteed Success effort.

"We still have just as much integration opportunities as we did before, but this [program] makes the entire configuration management process much more streamlined," said Carl Kettler, principal at generation E Technologies, Oakbrook, Ill. "When customers approve something like this up front, you'd be amazed how much time there is for everybody to spend on other things."

Pricing for Voyence Guaranteed Success is expected to start at $15,995 for up to 100 devices.