SMARTS Smartens Network Analysis

InCharge 6.2 improves the product's Business Dashboard with added features that detect the root cause of network-performance degradation, offer increased reporting and expand the product's interoperability with network systems, said Carl Coken, director of product marketing at SMARTS, White Plains, N.Y.

Key to InCharge 6.2 is the system's Business Impact Manager, which has been fortified to better map how applications, databases, servers and network devices are actually used in a business environment, Coken said. "InCharge allows you to take thousands of events and relate them to causes and impacts."

>> Key to InCharge 6.2 is the system's Business Impact Manager.

The InCharge Business Dashboard provides customizable views tailored to specific business processes. It also offers executive-level views that display the status of profit centers and realtime operational views that give IT administrators at-a-glance insight into the status of the network, Coken said.

"Most businesses either have a framework analysis solution that isn't getting the job done, or an in-house solution that's ineffective or tough to support," said Brian Hepburn, co-founder of Empowered Networks, a SMARTS partner based in Toronto. "But SMARTS' ability to do root-cause analysis is where they're unique because customers want actionable information."

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The bundle starts at about $100,000, the company said.