Ensim Adds Services To Hosting Solutions

The effort, formally dubbed Ensim Ignite, provides sales and marketing tools designed to help solution providers sell hosting customers more comprehensive service packages.

The program was designed to empower smaller hosting service providers (HSPs) to compete against large service providers who offer multifaceted solutions, said Steve Dauber, vice president of marketing at the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company.

"Ensim Ignite ... enables smaller [providers] to offer the same solutions [as larger providers] without all the up-front resource investments," he said. "This results in HSPs gaining new customers and generating higher profits."

Specifically, Ensim Ignite incorporates services such as e-mail marketing, search-engine optimization, merchant services and SSL certificates. The program also grants solution providers access to pre-designed Web banners, templates and e-mail campaigns they can re-brand and sell to their customers under their own logos.

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Ensim channel partners said the additional sales and marketing services should enable them to concentrate more of their efforts on providing value-added services that fetch significant revenue.

Scott Brookshire, president of Dynamic Creation, Cupertino, Calif., said the extra services make him feel like his company can compete with big players such as Yahoo and Google.

"Ensim really has done their homework and [has] provided what looks like a win-win solution for all parties," Brookshire said. "With Ensim Ignite, our customers can demo some of the online promotion solutions and start seeing results of increased traffic and sales [immediately]."

At NeoVerve, San Diego, President Kurt Davey said Ensim Ignite also should enable his customers to take more internal control of their online efforts, ultimately "empowering" them to become self-sufficient.

"We're excited about [Ensim Ignite] because it adds a whole new bag of tricks to our services offerings," Davey said. "We pride ourselves on offering the best tools, and this is just that."

The tools are available now from a new Ensim Ignite marketing portal. Pricing varies by contract size.