New Expand Line Picks Up The Pace

Expand's portfolio of Accelerator appliances uses data compression algorithms to boost WAN capacity without requiring bandwidth increases. The vendor's new Accelerator appliances incorporate its latest software upgrade, Accelerator Software Version 5, which adds a modular architecture that identifies and gives priority to mission-critical application traffic.

"Before they would take all the data that came in, compress it and send it on. Now you can prioritize within the pipe so you can speed up and control applications a little bit better," said Brian Plendl, president of AccuWare, a solution provider in Minneapolis. Customers that have implemented Expand's current products have seen 400 percent to 500 percent improvements in application response times, Plendl said.

With the new software, scheduled for general availability in June, Expand's appliances provide application-specific acceleration through plug-ins available for a variety of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and FTP.

New branch office products include Accelerator 4020, which supports WAN speeds up to 4 Mbps and 50 private virtual circuits, and Accelerator 4820, which supports WAN speeds up to 6 Mbps. Available now, pricing starts at $5,495 and $4,495, respectively.

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For the data center, Expand is launching Accelerator 6840, which supports WAN speeds from 2 Mbps to 45 Mbps and up to 500 remote sites. The appliance is slated to ship in June starting at $24,995.

Expand is also launching Accelerator Server, a Linux-based software-only

accelerator that runs on standardized server blades. Accelerator Server provides the same functionality as Accelerator Software Version 5 but provides more flexibility by separating it from Expand's appliance platform.

"This is good news for our channel partners that can bundle hardware sales with software sales," said Pedro Colaco, vice president of marketing at Expand, Roseland, N.J., which sells through a channel-only strategy.

Accelerator Server is slated to ship in June starting at $3,495.