Zultys Jazzes Up SMB VoIP Platform


Release 3.0 of the platform software that runs Zultys's MX30 and MX250 IP-PBXs has been under development for about a year and in testing with solution providers and their customers for about five months, said Patrick Ferriter, vice president of product marketing for Zultys, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Among the new capabilities is support for an IM bridge that enables interaction between users on a Zultys IP-PBX and public IM services. The new feature gives solution providers a way to provide IM features to security-sensitive customers, Ferriter said. "Administrators can enable or disable who has access to IM and which public services they can use, and with our archiving feature, they can record it all," he said.

New advanced automated attendant features provide IVR capabilities, enabling the phone system to collect caller information such as account numbers and use it to route the call. Information pulled from a database, such as an account balance for a banking customer, can spoken back to the caller by the system. Solution providers will be able to customize the interactions to suit a variety of vertical market customers, including banking, real estate and pharmacies, he said.

Release 3.0 also adds new integration with Microsoft Exchange to improve unified messaging for Microsoft users. With the new capabilities, Zultys can now synchronize between the Exchange server and its MX systems so that voicemails deleted on one system will also be deleted on the other, he said.

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In addition, the upgrade adds support for fractional T1 lines on the MX 30.

Pricing for a license of Release 3.0 is approximately $4,000. It is available free to Zultys customers with a software subscription.