Blue Peach Digital Server Enhanced With Hitachi Multimedia Search

The Blue Peach server is an off-the-shelf development platform for makers of digital video recorders, digital cameras, MP3 music players, and other devices. Entier adds search capabilities that manufacturers can leverage to offer consumers the ability to find content on devices attached to a digital home network, and to tag digital files for searching movies and music based on users' keywords. The tagging system complements vendor-defined categories such as artist or title.

Adding Entier's search capabilities to Blue Peach is expected to relieve developers of the hassle of coding the features themselves. "The Entier solution allows us to achieve these goals within an embedded environment more effectively, as it reduces development code by up to 20 fold in the key areas around search and data management," Rich Schmitt, chief technology officer for Blue Peach, said in a statement released Tuesday.

The Blue Peach server provides centralized storage, aggregation, and categorization of digital content. Consumers can use the technology to network digital media players and PCs.

Hitachi America, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. of Japan, is scheduled to exhibit its technology next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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