Cisco's Chambers: Connected Home Will Create Massive Network Loads

2007 International Consumer Electronics Show video multimedia

Much as he does when he addresses audiences in the business market, Chambers touted the network as the platform that will enable all communications, a message he said holds true for the home space as well.

Through several on-stage demonstrations showcasing technology Chambers said is still two to four years away, Cisco illustrated how networked content such as music, video and photos can be seamlessly accessed and shared across multiple devices throughout the home and on devices that leave the home, including mobile devices and even cars.

When video and multimedia technology gains more adoption in the home, including Cisco's TelePresence line of high-definition videoconferencing products, which is expected to come down into the home market within the next few years, network loads will be pushed to new highs, Chambers said.

"Twenty homes networked together by 2010 will create more load across their networks than the entire Internet did in 1995," Chambers said.

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Chambers also hinted that he wasn't finished snapping up consumer-focused acquisition targets. Cisco has already purchased consumer-focused companies such as home networking player Linksys, set-top box maker Scientific-Atlanta and media player vendor Kiss Technology. Chambers noted that the "fourth and fifth and sixth [acquisitions are] right behind those."

It's a market Chambers said holds tremendous opportunity for the $28 billion company as well as its more than 30,000 worldwide channel partners. Cisco currently gains only 10 percent of its revenue from consumer sales, he said. He has already spotlighted the connected home as an area the company will focus on over the next several years.