Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 To Get A Push

Previously code-named Crossbow, the operating system is expected to come in three different versions that are compatible with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Exchange. Due in the second quarter of 2007, Mobile 6 will support e-mail in original HTML format, Microsoft said.

The software will also feature BlackBerry-like direct push e-mail technology -- a first for Microsoft. Executives are expected to be on stage at the annual mobile and wireless show to demonstrate the cell phone operating system along with its handset partners.

For consumers, the operating system is expected to allow for improved Web search, e-mail, Instant Messaging and blogging.

For businesses, Microsoft also noted that its new mobile operating system has increased the security aspects of the lightweight OS to enable carriers to operate security updates.

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The update includes compatibility with Microsoft's latest .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server for synchronizing with related applications.

Carriers may also like Mobile 6's new built-in application that allows customers to use a Windows Mobile 6-enabled smartphone as a high-speed modem for a laptop with either a Bluetooth wireless or cable connection.

If the phones have the features anticipated for Windows Mobile 6, the use of the operating system could continue to grow rapidly, paralleling the 100 percent growth of the operating system that has been recorded in recent months.

At the same time, Microsoft said it will change the name of different versions of the OS in a move that seems aimed at aligning Mobile 6 more with Microsoft's new Vista operating system and Office 2007. While the name will be completely different, the OS itself will still be recognizable to users of older versions of the mobile software.

The new OS will support Windows Live's Hotmail e-mail system and messenger features and users will be able to dial a phone number by clicking on the number. Outlook will have e-mail attachment capability for photos, table and other links.

While Windows Mobile 6 was highly anticipated, the information about some of its particulars were published this week by a French news organization,