One Ring, Spacenet Partner On Satellite Networking For Georgia

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One Ring, a provider of hybrid fiber-fixed wireless networks, signed on this month as a reseller of Spacenet's VSAT Space Ring to strengthen its reverse redundant broadband, voice and hosting services to customers, said founder Matt Liotta.

"Now we have the ability to provide service immediately with VSAT and build out our terrestrial service more slowly," Liotta said. "We've had a lot of interest from companies and government entities because we can put up bandwidth on the fly for them. Like if somebody from the White House goes to a military base, we can hook them up."

Spacenet, founded in 1981, has been courting the channel more aggressively in recent months, said Jeff Carl, director of marketing for the McLean, Va.-based company.

"We've retooled our channel partner program recently to make it easier to join," he said. "We understand that satellite isn't well-understood, so we're trying to make it easy for people, telling them that they don't have to be satellite experts, that it's easy to add another tool to their kit to be able to offer broadband service everywhere."

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The transition to providing satellite networking has been smooth, Liotta said.

"Since our installers are already experts at putting in terrestrial wire, now that we've done numerous satellite installs we can do those as fast as our terrestrial wire," he said.

Satellite-routed data streams can be exploited in a multitude of ways, said David Horacek, president of Spacenet reseller Enterprise Satellite.

Enterprise, for instance, taps satellite bandwidth to circumvent the hassle of managing multiple terrestrial providers for a national retail chain the VAR services, Horacek said.

"If you're looking for a low-cost IP solution, the chances of getting a ubiquitous solution at all those stores is unlikely," he said. "If you go DSL across a national chain, you're going to have to go to all the baby bells, and then you have to have technicians who know how to work with each one."

Enterprise Satellite provides point-of-sale video surveillance networking for Allsup's, a convenience store chain with 300-plus stores in Texas and New Mexico.

"We looked at all the different technology out there, including Hughes and more, but Spacenet was able to meet all our needs," said Horacek, whose Chandler, Ariz.-based company partnered with the vendor in 2004. "We put together a hybrid solution that mixes dedicated bandwidth and shared bandwidth. We were able to design specific ratios for this customer based on their requirements, such as peak time needs."