Verizon Speeds Up Web Connection


Verizon's new midtier service is the first of its kind commercially available to U.S. consumers on a mass scale, according to company spokesperson Bobbi Henson. It is delivered via Verizon's FiOS, an all-digital, all-fiber network, and is available in parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut where FiOS is available. Cable systems do use fiber-optics in their networks, but still employ coaxial cables to get the service into homes.

The FiOS network has more capacity for high definition TV channels, online games and downloading and uploading files. Verizon hopes to roll out the symmetrical service in the near future to the other 13 states in which FiOS is available, as well as to business customers.

"This is ideal for people who work from home either full time or part time, particularly architects, attorneys and those in real estate who routinely deal with large files," Henson said. For example, a 500-MB file, such as 400 digital photos or a medical imaging data set, could upload in less than four minutes, compared with roughly 90 minutes over a 768 kbps connection. Videoconferencing will also benefit from the symmetrical 20 MB upstream/20 MB downstream nature of the service, providing a smooth picture for all parties.

"In addition, the service helps with the backup of data. Many people don't like to do backups because you need to go on vacation for a week while your data is backing up," Henson remarked. "With this service, you can set the back up in the morning, and come home in the evening and it's done."

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The company also expects the service to be popular with gamers and people who use social networks to upload original content, such as home movies or songs.

The symmetrical FiOS service costs $64.99 monthly and includes 1 GB of network-based backup as well as an Internet security suite. The personal vault size can be incrementally upgraded to as much as 50 GB of backup at competitive rates.