Verizon Business Launches Bill Manager 4.0


Bill Manager 4.0 is a new desktop application that will offer customers more "command and control" of their communications services, according to Mark Chodoronek, executive director of customer enablement at Verizon Business, the solution provider arm of the Basking Ridge, N.J.-based carrier Verizon Communications.

Available for download on the Verizon Business Customer Center (VBCC) portal, the new software application will enable IT managers to readily and securely analyze their communications expenses and compile a wide range of standard and custom reports.

It's not unusual for some of Verizon Business' customers to receive phone bills in excess of 1,000 pages. The new application is designed to assist the wide range of customers Verizon Business serves in the enterprise market.

"We have some customers that are low-touch," said Chodoronek, "they just want us to give them the data and they'll go ahead and manipulate it the way they want. They are more independent than the others, who say, 'This is great, but I don't know what I want from it." For those customers, Verizon provides standard data configuration report templates.

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Verizon Business customers can create management reports on telecommunications expenses, devise inventory reports, analyze and report on usage charges, validate taxation, investigate fraudulent charges, and allocate charges to cost codes or other customer data structures through the new application.

"From an auditing perspective, it helps customers identify items that could potentially be fraudulent, as well as any abuse of service," said Chodoronek. "It reduces billing dispute requests as well, which are costly and time consuming, and when there are disputes, everyone is working off the same page."

Bill Manager 4.0 is available in a variety of formats and can run several reports simultaneously, including a 13-month summary of activity and a month-over-month report on account fluctuation.