Blue Coat Unveils WAN Optimization, Security Client


Blue Coat's ProxyClient, a WAN optimization software client with integrated security and control, extends integrated application acceleration, Web security and policy control to remote and mobile users, regardless of location, said Johnathon Cervelli, Blue Coat's senior product marketing manager for WAN optimization solutions.

Cervelli said ProxyClient includes byte caching and location awareness to boost application performance for remote users. It also offers centrally managed Web filtering with anti-spyware and anti-phishing protection, Cervelli said.

Cervelli said Blue Coat is offering the base ProxyClient software with WAN optimization for free to ProxySG appliance customers. And ProxySG customers licensed with Blue Coat WebFilter software will get the addition of remote Web control added onto the ProxyClient for free, as well.

"It stops the bad and accelerates the good," he said.

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ProxyClient software gives enterprises and organizations the ability to extend security, policy control and application acceleration to remote employees. Those functions let companies control networks they don't own, including the Internet, ensuring performance and protection for remote users.

Resellers can give their clients a quick and inexpensive solution that leverages the infrastructure they already have installed, Cervelli said. Because ProxyClient does not require a dedicated appliance, VARs can offer their customers a solution that's easy to deploy and takes up minimal space.

Cervelli said the policy-based acceleration in the ProxyClient software increases performance of remote applications, in some cases offering a 35 times improvement in user wait times and bandwidth usage. Cervelli said in one evaluation a 10 MB Power Point file took 104 seconds to download without ProxyClient. That time dropped to three seconds with ProxyClient enabled. The software also features a built-in Real Time Performance Indicator to graphically show acceleration results.

ProxyClient uses byte cashing, boosting performance by up to five times over Blue Coat's existing SG Client software. Byte caching is added to the roster of other acceleration technologies in SG Client, including protocol optimization for CIFS and TCP and client-side object caching and compressing. Blue Coat also threw location awareness into the mix, which gives ProxyClient the ability to automatically apply the appropriate WAN optimization depending on whether the user is in a branch office and using ProxySG appliance acceleration or working remotely.

ProxyClient also adds in security measures like Web filtering, anti-spyware and anti-phishing tools, giving administrators the ability to protect and manage Web access for users once they leave corporate headquarters.

ProxyClient uses Blue Coat WebFilter technology to allow central management of URL filtering to protect assets, including those used remotely, from internet threats and abuse. Companies can implement and enforce acceptable use policies for users in any locations and offer protection from known or likely spyware or phishing sites using Dynamic Real-Time Rating (DRTR) to make real-time assessments of URL requests. DRTR examines Web sites and categorizes them as spyware sources, phishing sites, pornography, gambling or other dangerous or inappropriate Web sites.

"Enterprises need to extend not only application performance but also Web security and policy control to employees with company-maintained laptops that are working remotely from the office," said Bethany Mayer, Blue Coat's senior vice president of worldwide marketing.