Ensemble Manages Distributed Video Content

Solution providers who handle internet and intranet video content have a new tool available with the recent release of Ensemble Video 1.0 from Symphony Video. Ensemble Video "excels in distributive content management and technology integration," according to Symphony Video founder and CEO Andy Covell, and is designed to provide secure, distributed video management and distribution in multi-site, multi-user environments.

Covell, who also serves as Executive Director of Information Technology at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management, said Ensemble capabilities were originally developed at SU to provide a common infrastructure for uploading, tagging, and securely distributing content created by a wide range of authors across the school's multiple Websites. The software currently provides services "in a dozen different university departments with over 1,000 videos," he added. "It's cost-effective and easy to use."

Ensemble includes an AJAX Web page plug-in to enable Web pages to display Ensemble video content. The plug-in allows administrators to granularly route videos to the proper sites, as well as preventing streaming of video to unauthorized sites. The software is largely format agnostic, supporting Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Media and Flash formats, and generating automatic preview images and animations.

The program uses the Dublin Core metadata standard for tagging of content, and integration with LDAP authentication services is on the way, according to a company statement.

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The company is just beginning it's partnering efforts, seeking out solution providers that can take advantage of and enhance Ensemble's capabilities. Covell says the technology is a natural for VARs with an educational or videoconfercing focus, as well as for those doing web content management in general.

Ensemble runs on Microsoft Windows server technologies and is licensed based on number of videos managed. A hosted Ensemble service is also available and appropriate for SMB customers, according to Covell.