VoSky, AltiGen Pairing Brings Skype To Businesses


The partnership, unveiled Tuesday, adds Sunnyvale, Calif.-based VoSky's Exchange VoIP application gateway to AltiGen's complete lineup of VoIP systems and will enable SMBs and call centers to leverage new functionality like remote agents, Web Click2Call, VoIP trunking and global direct inward dial (DID) all using Skype, the world's largest VoIP network with more than 270 million subscribers.

David Tang, VoSky's vice president of global marketing said the pairing will allow Fremont, Calif.-based AltiGen's channel partners to begin offering Skype-enabled solutions as a differentiator to other VoIP offerings.

"By leveraging this joint solution, our channel partners can deliver a differentiated solution to the call center vertical or the small and medium business," he said, adding that the wide recognition of Skype will enable VARs to get a foot in the door with both new and existing clients. "Resellers are going to be able to go out there and make incremental revenues by offering this to new and existing customers."

VoSky Exchange is a Skype-certified plug-and-play rack mount appliance that adds enhanced Skype-based VoIP applications along with Skype trunks to AltiGen's VoIP systems through analog FXS ports, which eliminates the need to use PCs or headsets for Skype calls. When added to an AltiGen call center or SMB solution, VoSky Exchange can offer several key enhancements to AltiGen's call routing and management capabilities.

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Skype Remote Agent allows remote agents to be added to the system allowing incoming calls to be routed for free via the Skype network to remote workers using a free Skype client on their computers. Coupled with AltiGen's ExtensionAnywhere feature, remote Skype users will have the same control and access to AltiGen PBX functionalities as if they were working on-site.

Another feature, Web Click2Call, lets visitors to a company's Web site initiate a free Skype call to that company or a third-party call center by clicking a button. The VoSky appliance routes the call to the appropriate queue in the AltiGen call center system over Skype, which reduces that company's toll-free or 800 number costs. Features like Web Click2Call can also boost online sales conversion rates by putting consumers in touch with agents in real time, Tang said.

Tang said the partnership also enables Skype Trunking, an outbound calling solution that uses Skype Pro, a $3 per month domestic flat rate plan, or SkypeOUT, an international long distance plans with rates as low as 2 cents per minute, which could ultimately save companies 90 percent or more on calls in the U.S. and Canada and 50 percent or more on international calls without the need for a contract or setup fees.

Lastly, VoSky's and AltiGen's partnership enables Global Inward Direct Dial (DID). That function lets businesses set up local access numbers outside of their cities, states and countries for incoming calls. Basically, companies can create local market presence anywhere in the world and reduce toll-free and 800 number costs by letting customers use phone numbers that are close to home.

In a statement, AltiGen president and COO, Jeremiah Fleming, said the partnership can help lower telecom costs while also offering customers new call handling capabilities.

"The ability for VoSky Exchange to route Skype calls through our VoIP business phone system marks yet another milestone in our efforts to deliver innovative new business solutions for the VoIP era," he said.

Tang said the partnership also "breaks down the borders" between Skype and business, while also broadening Skype's reach into the channel.

"We're really going to be able to take Skype and bring it to the business market," he said. "It allows us and resellers to look at a vertical like call centers and SMBs and add the value of Skype-enabled solutions."