3Com Adds Network Management To OSN


OverDrive software is an automated and integrated policy-driven solution designed to help deploy and managed IP-based services more efficiently in complex networking environments.

LineSider CEO Harley Stowell, said OverDrive software, when integrated with 3Com OSN, lets enterprises and managed service providers virtualize their networks and simplify management. OverDrive software is an automated and rules-driven policy service that controls and manages deployed network services and devices through business-level policies, including routing, VPN, firewalling and switching.

"You can now use a single role or definition to automate complex configuration to provide access between systems and users," Stowell said.

3Com's MSR platform with OSN is designed for deployment at both branch and regional offices and by MSPs looking to enhance business continuity, security and operational efficiency. OSN helps in the deployment of a variety of applications to enhance communications, security and network performance without having to deploy specialized point products and appliances that can bog down network management, take up space and consume excessive power.

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The branch-in-a-box MSR with OSN offering runs applications on Open Services Modules, making it easier for channel partners to offer their customers enhanced services instead of point products and appliances. The MSR series includes three models, the 50, 30 and 20 Series, all of which share a common architecture and single software level. MSRs tie together routing, switching, security, firewall, a voice gateway, a VPN and an access server into one faction. Applications and functions, like OverDrive, can be added to the routers in modular form, which lets VARs make various applications available to customers and allows them to offer service upgrades as new applications are added. Along with LineSider's OverDrive, other applications available on the OSN model include 3Com Asterisk IP Communications Platform for unified VoIP capabilities and Expand Networks, which adds WAN optimization and application acceleration. OSN also includes applications such as 3Com Service Monitoring Bundle, Vericept email information leak protection and Q1 Labs network behavior analysis.

Adding OverDrive to OSN offers an integrated solution that can eliminate the need for dedicated appliances, cutting costs, saving power and preserving space, Stowell said.

"Businesses today must deploy increasingly complex, multi-service IP infrastructure on a limited budget with a finite number of support personnel," Stowell said. "OverDrive technology on 3Com's OSN gives enterprises and MSPs the ability to easily manage their network services with fewer support personnel and can reduce operational costs by up to 80 percent in some cases."

Two versions of overdrive software will be available for 3Com OSN. First, OverDrive for the Enterprise software is an automated solution that lets enterprises define, control and manage network services, configurations and devices across any size deployed network to ensure that the network and infrastructure services are aligned with business objectives.

The other version, OverDrive for the Service Provider, is an automated, multi-tenant solution for MSPs to deliver, manage and control IP services to multiple enterprises through a single, policy-based administrative console. MSPs using OverDrive on 3Com OSN can define and deliver feature-rich services to attract customers, minimize churn and build new service revenue while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs to drive higher margins.

"The beauty of the LineSider relationship is it's adding more intelligence to the routers and intelligence into the network," said Peter Doggart, 3Com's director of LAN and WAN infrastructure, adding that an increased level of control over the infrastructure becomes "more and more important as holistic applications get moved to the network"

Mark Needham, CEO of Virtualliance, a Derry, N.H.-based solution provider which also offers asset recovery services, said OverDrive can make refreshes a lot easier for companies and managed service providers looking at retiring older gear.

"OverDrive virtualizes and automatics networks," he said. "It can help accelerate the decision to update or refresh legacy equipment."

Needham said the 3Com and LineSider partnership will also likely help him forge a relationship with 3Com to complement the existing one he as with LineSider.

"For 3Com, with the name and reputation they have, we hope to see business opportunities with them down the road," he said.