Cisco Looks to Pure-ify Home Networking With Acquisition

home network

Pure, a privately held company in Seattle, makes management tools for setting up and managing home networks as well as other devices, applications and services within the home.

Cisco already partners with Pure, using its technology as the foundation for Linksys Easy Link Advisor, a tool that aims to simplify network setup and management for home users.

"With the rapid proliferation of networking technology and new consumer electronics devices, the ability to quickly and easily connect to a range of devices, content and services throughout the home is becoming paramount to achieving a satisfying consumer experience," said Ned Hooper, senior vice president for the corporate development and consumer group at Cisco, San Jose, Calif., in a statement.

Under terms of the deal, expected to close in Cisco's first fiscal quarter, the vendor will acquire Pure for some $128 million. Upon close of the acquisition, Pure's employees will remain in Seattle and will be integrated into Linksys.

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