Report: Verizon Unplugs Pay As You Go Plan For Smartphones

A Verizon spokesperson said that the company does not comment on rumors.

A snapshot of the alleged leaked Verizon memo was posted on the Web site Howard Forums. According to the memo, the Pay As You Go, 1X Block and 10MB plan/feature will not available for new PDAs, smartphone devices launched on/after Nov. 14, 2008.

In addition, the "memo" stated that Verizon has installed a system edit that will prevent new PDAs/smartphones from having the Pay As You Go, 1X Block and 10MB data plan/feature. And as of 2009, "select" mobile Web 2.0 devices will also require a data/feature plan, although specific devices were not named.

According to the alleged memo, "The following will be included in the new magalog: devices with HTML Web browsing capability (including Blackberry, Windows mobile, Palm and select mobile Web 2.0 devices) require a subscription to either a voice plan or a feature that includes an allowance for sending or receiving data or a data plan."

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As expected, the alleged change in plans has been met with a chorus of protests across Web sites.

"Verizon just lost more than 30 percent of its customers!" wrote one irate poster on Howard Forums. "Totally ridiculous. They are even going to make dumb phones require data plans!"

Some posters took the news in stride.

"I don't see the big deal here is, what's the point of having a smartphone without a data plan?" wrote one person on Boy "Everyone is so quick to bash Verizon, even if you only had a smartphone to only check e-mail, nine times outta 10 your pay as you go data usage is close to $30.00 per month anyway. So, what's the big deal? Obviously the average pay as you go subscriber bill is about $30.00 per month anyway."

Another commentator who said he/she is a salesperson berated consumers who did not understand the "business."

"One of my favorite things to do in my store is watch my reps tell customers their [sic] not eligible for an iPhone at subsidized price. American consumers have zero clue about the business side of phone carriers. But I have a feeling their [sic] about to have a rude awakening."

So, what do you think? Are consumers whining about the plan? Do you think that Verizon's change is necessary to keep up with costs? If the rumors are true, will you change over to another provider?