Cisco's WebEx Goes Mobile With iPhone

The new Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application enables users to participate in WebEx meetings. Users with current WebEx subscriptions can also schedule and host WebEx meetings.

"Users can join their WebEx meetings on their iPhone with either native 3G or Wi-Fi support for simultaneous data and audio," said Alex Hadden-Boyd, director of enterprise marketing with Cisco's collaboration software group, in a podcast. "They can see what's being shared on the presentation, they can see who's in the meeting, they can see who's talking at any one point in time and they can even have a chat session with attendees, all using their iPhone."

WebEx Meeting Center is available for free download from the Apple AppStore.

A future version of Cisco's iPhone offering slated for availability next quarter will include the ability to see meeting participants and the active speaker from Cisco's Unified MeetingPlace collaboration software. Users participating in WebEx or MeetingPlace conferences will be able to switch from the iPhone 3G to a Cisco Unified IP Phone while the meeting is in progress, the company said in a statement.

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