SMC Offers Leasing To Help VARs Trim Up-Front Costs

The SMC Elite Leasing Program, to be unveiled this week, is the newest addition to SMC's three-tiered partner program, said Tony Stramandinoli, director of marketing for the Irvine, Calif.-based networking vendor.


What it offers:


>> Leasing on any amount from a minimum of $5K to more than $100K.
>> Includes hardware, software, installation, warranties.
>> Variety of payment structures.

"The program is designed to help VARs with the up-front charges and help them recoup some costs right away," Stramandinoli said. "It just makes it easier to get the business done if they don't have to lay out cash up front."

The program allows leasing through SMC on any amount from a minimum of $5,000 to more than $100,000. Leases can include hardware, software, installation and warranties.

Payment structures include seasonal, 90-day deferred, step-down, step-up, quarterly and master lease. Interest rates are determined by the term of the contract, amount financed, type of equipment, and the credit history of the business and its primary owners, Stramandinoli said.

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Ken Keck, owner of Aardvark Computers, a Carlisle, Pa.-based solution provider, said he doesn't think his small-business customers would opt for leasing.

"We love SMC products, but we deal primarily with small businesses with 50 or fewer employees, so purchases are typically about $1,000 at a time," Keck said. "I think the leasing program would be more attractive for much larger accounts."

David Omlor, president of QLAN, a Laguna Hills, Calif.-based solution provider, however, said he has been utilizing leasing agreements to win business for years. Omlor said QLAN already has filed a leasing application with SMC and believes it is a good way to leverage more business.

"We find a wide variety of large and small customers very interested in financing," Omlor said. "It's not like you're buying something that's got more than a three-year life to it anyway."