Watch That E-Waste: CXtec Partners With Recycler LifeSpan

Green is no longer the new black: Going green has evolved well beyond a trend.

"Green is going to be here to stay for sure," said Frank Kobuszewski, vice president of the technology solutions group at Syracuse, N.Y.-based solution provider CXtec.

With that in mind, CXtec has stepped up its asset recovery efforts to cut down on e-waste, partnering with technology recycling and asset recovery provider LifeSpan Technology Recycling to offer customers recycling capabilities. The agreement, Kobuszewski said, will give CXtec customers access to more robust IT recycling options.

"We're redefining the program we call asset recovery," Kobuszewski said. "We're going to be able to look at the holistic approach."

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The LifeSpan partnership gives CXtec another option to deal with stranded IT equipment and e-waste through its asset recovery operations, which also include remarketing and logistics.

"CXtec has been helping customers solve their surplus IT equipment problems with remarketing programs for over 30 years," Kobuszewski said. "Our partnership with LifeSpan allows us to improve and scale the options we have for stranded IT equipment and e-waste. Together, we're proud to offer a comprehensive asset recovery solution, complete with remarketing, recycling and logistics."

Kobuszewski said the current trend of IT consolidation is fueling an increase in stranded assets and surplus. The partnership with LifeSpan will make sure all unneeded and replaced gear is properly recycled and ensure that all sensitive data stored on the equipment is destroyed in accordance with compliance and privacy regulations. Companies are concerned now, more than ever, about meeting environmental standards, protecting the privacy and security of data, and protecting their reputations, needs that are all met with a full asset recovery solution, Kobuszewski said.

LifeSpan offers its customers an EZ-cycle Box, a recycling solution that can hold up to 40 small-form-factor computers, roughly 20, 15-inch monitors, or 16, 17-inch monitors up to 1,000 pounds. Customers can dispose of PCs, printers, monitors, cables, hubs, routers, phones, fax machines or other related gear in the EZ-cycle Box. Once the box is picked up by LifeSpan, the customer receives a certificate of recycling listing the amount of material recycled and verification that all materials were handled in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations.

LifeSpan also offers project management services, inventory and appraisal identification and reporting, logistics management and software, and data destruction services. It gives customers online account access to schedule pickup, request delivery of materials and check product status.

LifeSpan is one of eight companies in North America accredited as a "Certified Electronics Recycler" by the International Association of Electronics Recyclers/Institute of Scrape Recycling Industries (IAER/ISRI). It is also one of four North American companies that earned an "AAA NAID Certification" from the National Association of Information Destruction.

"CXtec customers can now better manage their asset retirement program, streamline the entire process and eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors," said LifeSpan President Dag Adamson in a statement. "With LifeSpan's IAER/ISRI's 'Certified Electronics Recycler' certification, IT professionals can rest assured they are using an environmentally responsible solution and mitigating the risk to their company's reputation."