Partnership Targets Wireless Broadband Market

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As part of the agreement, Arris, Suwanee, Ga., will offer value-added product, integration and support services that span Colubris' WLAN access equipment and management systems. The idea is to allow multiple systems operators (MSOs) and other broadband providers to utilize Wi-Fi access, extend existing network access and deliver services to office buildings, retail centers, airports, hotels and convention centers.

Waltham, Mass.-based Colubris is also working directly with third-party solution providers to support and manage access control and policy management for networks of all sizes.

Colubris products included in the agreement are the CN320 Intelligent Access Device, CN1250 Secure Enterprise WLAN Device, CN3200 Integrated Access Point and Controller, CN3500 High Capacity Access Controller and the Colubris Network Management System.

Both companies say Wi-Fi technology is an easy and inexpensive way to extend existing business data services and to layer more services atop the existing infrastructure.

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Time Warner Cable in Houston has already deployed the Arris and Colubris solution to offer wireless access to the Internet for its Road Runner Speed Zones subscribers and hot-spot owners.