Phone Calls Over Twitter? That's A Tweet Deal, Jajah


According to Jajah, the calling service works whether a user "calls" from Twitter itself or a third-party Twitter client -- including mobile clients such as Tweetie and Twidroid. All that's required is that both parties (the person making the call and the person answering the call) be Twitter users, both are signed up for Jajah and both are registered for the @call beta.

How it works is that the person making the call types @call into the Twitter prompt followed by the "@" symbol and the handle of the Twitter user (such as @channelweb), and Jajah connects the parties for a VoIP call that can last up to two minutes.

"Telcos and mobile operators face huge challenges in a world where people check their Tweets or their Facebook messages before they check voicemail," said Trevor Healy, Jajah's CEO, in a statement. "Jajah@call showcases how easily we can bring telephony into the social media environment, where operators can now participate. The Jajah IP Communications Platform is chosen by carriers, mobile operators and online companies around the world who leverage not just our carrier-grade network, but our ability to develop proven, market-ready solutions that add value for their customers and their businesses."

It sounds great and all, Jajah, even though you'll probably earn the ire of telcos that've been known to give free VoIP calling services the stink eye in the past. (Jajah already offers an iPhone application, seeing as VoIP calls aren't permitted on iPhone carrier AT&T's 3G network.)

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And there's plenty of other quick messaging services, VoIP and otherwise, out there, including Google Chat and Skype. But the key difference for Jajah might be that it's tapping into a rapidly growing area (i.e. the Twitter community) with an easy-to-use VoIP service.

Something you'll use, readers? Do you really need another way to reach someone? Let us know by leaving a comment in the Channelweb Connect community.