FCC Chair Calls Spectrum Issue 'Biggest Threat To Future Of Mobile'

Julius Genachowski said during a keynote at the CTIA wireless industry trade association convention in San Diego that he understood fears of a wireless shortage.

"I believe that the biggest threat to the future of mobile in America is the looming spectrum crisis," Genachowski said, according to Reuters.

As head of the FCC, it's Genachowski's job to ensure that users, and carriers, have enough bandwidth to meet demand. As such, he has proposed that all wireless providers not be allowed to restrict video or phone bandwidth.

Genachowski later praised the moves by wireless carriers to open their networks, particularly the recent announcement that AT&T would open its network to Internet voice service and a partnership between Verizon Wireless and Google.

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Other carriers, including T-Mobile, are also seeking some bandwidth spectrum to better compete in the market. On Tuesday, several companies said they would allow cell phone users to communicate more cheaply through the Internet.

In the AT&T announcement, AT&T confirmed that it would allow VoIP applications such as Skype on Apple's iPhone to run on its 3G network. AT&T had previously expressed concern that its 3G network would struggle to handle VoIP applications on the iPhone.

The Google and Verizon Wireless partnership entails Google teaming with Verizon Wireless to co-develop phones based on Google's open-source Android platform, which could include Google's Voice application.

"These are both wins for consumers," said Genachowski at the CTIA show, Reuters reported.