D-Link Looks To Make A Name In The Enterprise

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The Irvine, Calif.-based company unveiled its xStack 10-Gbyte integrated stacking solution, a stackable Ethernet switch line with integrated 10-Gbyte support. The line features three 48-port models and 24-port models, scalable to 336 Gigabit ports per stack, with up to 176 Gbps of switching capacity.

Although the power of the xStack addresses the growing need for Gigabit to the desktop, the low price point of $138 per port makes it an attractive alternative for enterprises, said Michael Nguyen, D-Link product manager.

"The price is really what sets the xStack apart," Nguyen said. "We have the same feeds and speeds as the other guys, plus the [quality of service] and IP routing, at a more cost-effective price."

The units also feature shortest-patch technology, which enables stacked units to communicate bidirectionally, as well as the option of stacking in ring mode or in star mode.

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Two of the xStack units are scheduled to be available in the third quarter, with the remaining units due to be rolled out in the fourth quarter.

Eric Winegar, president of NLE, a Salt Lake City solution provider, wasn't aware of D-Link's enterprise solutions but doubts he would recommend them over a Nortel Networks or Cisco Systems networking solution to any of his customers.

"When we are looking at products, even if it's a boutique product, the big thing to take to the enterprise is going to be scalability and SNMP," Winegar said. "I don't know what [D-Link's] answer is to that, but we've been seeing other vendors like Dell not do very well on that side unless it's a total price point."

MARIE LINGBLOM contributed to this story.