New Linksys Antennas Extend Range For SMBs, SOHOs

wireless networking

The new offerings, which work with Linksys Wireless-B and Wireless-G products, include a pair of Linksys TNC Connector Antennas, a single SMA Connector Antenna and Antenna Stands for wall and ceiling mounting.

All of the antennas are available immediately, according to the Irvine, Calif.-based wireless networking vendor. The estimated street prices are $59.99 for the TNC Connector Pair (HGA7T), $59.99 for the SMA Connector (HGA7S), $29.99 for the TNC Antenna Stand (AS2TNC) and $29.99 for the SMA Antenna Stand.

The attachable, dual Linksys TNC Connector Antennas are approved for the following Linksys products: the WRT54GS, WRT54G, WAP54G, BEFW11S4 and WAP11 wireless networking devices and the new AS2TNC Antenna Stand. The Linksys single SMA Connector Antenna attaches to single-antenna wireless adapters, bridges and routers, including the WRV54G, WMP54GS, WMP54G and WET54G products and the new AS1SMA Antenna Stand.

Linksys said the new attachable antennas are easy to install into existing routers, access points, network adapters and bridges. No drivers are required, and no setup modifications are necessary. The antennas can be placed directly into the existing hardware and are designed to automatically increase the range of the wireless network, according to the company.

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