Google Takes A Turn: GPS For Android Devices

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With Google's Web-connected GPS system, users type in a business name or the type of business if they don't know the name, just as they would on Google.

Users don't have to worry about taking their hands off the wheel, though, since Google Maps Navigation is also voice-activated and people can just say aloud where they want to go. So far the service is only available in English.

There's also a one-touch on-screen indicator that shows traffic patterns in green, yellow or red based on the current traffic conditions.

And if you need to pull over, another feature shows businesses, gas stations, restaurants, parking and more located on the route. In addition, Google's Street and Satellite View features are part of the navigation system. There is also a car dock feature that activates the navigation system at arms' length.

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Currently, Google Maps Navigation app will only run Android 2.0, including the Droid. To see video demonstrations of the service, click here.

In other navigation news, Microsoft started notifying customers Tuesday that it is shutting down its own navigation system, MSN Direct, in 2012.